Journey to North America

On our journey around the world this year, the first continent we visited was North America.

Throughout our American "Wonders of the World" study, we focused on the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and Mt. Rushmore. The students had a wonderful time learning about wonders in their own continent!

One of my favorite resources to help students learn about these wonders was the Ed Helper website.
A subscription is necessary to access materials, but it is well worth it. Throughout our study, I discovered many articles to use in class to assist me in teaching students about each of these wonders along with articles to assign for home learning to reinforce what we learned throughout our day.

To culminate our learning of each of these American wonders, students engaged in designing brochures and designing their very own Mount Rushmore monuments.

Click {HERE} to check out my redesigned tri-fold brochures and Mount Rushmore activity pages.

Redesigned Niagara Falls Brochure Outside 

Redesigned Niagara Falls Brochure Inside

Below are some samples of the original tri-fold brochures students designed to sum up their learning.

Front Cover
Inside of Brochure
Back of Brochure

Front Cover
Inside of Brochure
Outside of Brochure
 Take a look at  these impressive Mt. Rushmore memorials students designed to commemorate four influential people in their lives. I truly loved seeing students finished memorials. It was interesting to hear why students selected the four people they depicted on their monuments. Moreover, being able to personalize their own monument helped students to have a better understanding of the symbolism behind our nation's landmark.  


I hope you have enjoyed taking a look at our learning of American wonders. 
Don't forget, if you like what you see, you can grab my revamped American Landmarks tri-fold brochures, Mount Rushmore activity pages, and activity pages for students to create their own newspaper articles on American Landmarks {HERE} at my TPT store.

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