Idiom of the Week Activity

Hi everyone! Today I would like to share with you a quick and easy Idiom of the week morning activity I have implemented with my students this year. 

Each Monday, I start my students' mornings off by introducing them to a new Idiom of the Week from this great pocket chart set I purchased from Really Good Stuff.

Before the students walk into the classroom, I make sure to cover the real meaning of the idiom in order to allow students to predict what they think the idiom means before I reveal its true meaning.

Once, students have shared their predictions, I reveal and discuss the literal meaning of the idiom. Then, I ask my students to use the idiom in a sentence and draw an illustration to match.

To simplify the completion of this activity, I created an Idiom of the Week worksheet for my students to glue in their Language Arts Interactive Notebook. Click on image of the worksheet below to grab your FREE copy.
 (If you would like your students to glue the worksheet into a notebook too, just shrink the page to 85% in your printer's settings before printing and voila it'll fit comfortably into their spiral or composition notebooks.)

Idiom of the Week Worksheet
I always time my students during this activity in order to manage the amount of time it takes them to create their sentence and illustration, etc. I usually give them about 5 minutes to write and illustrate their sentence. Once they are done, I ask each of my students to share their sentence aloud for the class to hear.

My students love to share their sentences because our class votes on the top sentence to be showcased in the clear pocket underneath the Idiom of the Week poster. The voting goes as follows, I ask students to raise their hand if they would like to nominate a classmate for having the top sentence. Then, I select 5 students so we will have 5 nominees. Each of the nominees quickly reread their sentences and then everyone puts their head down so we can do an anonymous vote. Students are only allowed to vote one time. I tally the votes on the board and then ask students to raise their heads once I have circled the winner.

 Due to the fact that I am departmentalized, I showcase two sentences (one from each class) each week. I created a cute drawing template for the winning student to write and illustrate their sentence.

(You can grab a FREE copy of the #1 Idiom of the Week Template I created by clicking on the image below. I have full page and 1/2 page versions.)

#1 Idiom of the Week Drawing Template

When I first started having the students vote on the best sentence, I had an issue of students always voting for their friend's sentence. However, after a brief talk about the criteria to look for when voting  for the top sentence, including correct usage, creativity, and detail, that problem was easily solved.

The students really enjoy this activity and look forward to seeing what the new Idiom of the Week will be each Monday. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my Idiom of the Week activity and consider implementing it in your classroom. It is a quick, simple, and fun activity that only takes a total of approximately 15 minutes. 

Check out these pictures of some of the students' completed worksheets.

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