Interactive Notebooking

Interactive notebooking seems to be the new craze in education and I have to say I totally get it! This summer I looked into purchasing a set to use with my kiddos this year and had my eye on Adrienne Wiggins' Interactive Language Arts Notebook. Finally, right before school began, I took the plunge and purchased it. I am so happy I did, because it has been a great addition to my instruction!

The kids enjoy the activities and they don't require a large amount of time. At first, I was concerned the cutting, gluing, and coloring would take up too much teaching time, but in reality the kids only take about 15-20 minutes to complete each activity (sometimes even less depending on the activity). Also, the cutting and gluing hasn't been an issue because aside from the fact that the instructions are on each page, I always take a minute to model which lines to cut out and where to place the glue. 

 What's great is that each activity offers a quick and easy independent review/practice of various reading and grammar skills. Interactive notebooking has definitely provided my kids a more fun and engaging way to practice skills they learn.

The way I've been using it is I usually assign the students one of the interactive notebook activities for morning work the day after we have read the story or I have introduced the skill to allow them independent practice. Once their finished we review or share our responses. 

Here's a peek at some pics of our Interactive Notebooking fun:

Reading Interactive Notebook

Language Arts Interactive Notebook


I will be adding more pictures soon! :) 

I hope you have enjoyed reading how I incorporate interactive notebooks in my class. 
Check out my "Idiom of the Week" post to download a free copy of the Idiom of the Week worksheet! :)

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