*Career Day 2014*

What do a dentist, engineer, artist, and rocket scientist have in common?
Each of these professionals presented at our annual Career Day extravaganza!
This year, as every year, we were blessed to have some extraordinary parents and community members visit our school to share the amazing work they do each and every day. 
Read on to learn more about our educational and engaging Career Day event.

Our morning began with an exciting presentation about "teeth" from one of our very own student's mom, Dr. Gonzalez-Zamora! Through her presentation, students learned all about dental hygiene including how to properly brush and floss their teeth. They even received their very own brand-new toothbrush to help them get on their way to having a beautiful set of pearly whites!
 Who can resist a beautiful smile?

Here is Dr. Gonzalez-Zamora posing with  her proud daughter, Nicolle

Students practiced brushing correctly with this fun model of a set of teeth
Next, students learned all about the exciting world of engineering from Mr. Borges, the father of two of my students (a set of twins)!  He did a fantastic job giving students an overview of the different types of engineers including civil, construction, electrical, mechanical, biomedical, computer, and much more. 

After the presentation, students were lucky enough to practice working as engineers! 
Students were split into small groups and asked to build the tallest freestanding structure using PVC pipes and elbows. There was one catch, there were no plans to build off of, so students had to collaborate as a team to quickly design and build the structure off the top of their heads. 

Here is Mr. Borges with one of his proud sons, Ethan
Students gathering their materials for the collaborative activity
Hard at work building the structure
The winners!
This was the only team to finish with a free standing structure

Once the challenge was over, Mr. Borges, explained the importance of having plans to guide engineers in their work. 

Students analyzing a set of engineering plans
  Next up, we went on to meet a real-life artist!  He did a wonderful job of helping the children realize that EVERYTHING is art and inspiring them to believe in themselves. 

Our presenter showing students different forms of media that can be used to make art. 
After three inspiring and thought-provoking presentations, we journeyed on to our last career day presentation where we met a rocket scientist from NASA, Mr. Villorin! He taught students all about NASA's new spacecraft Orion and even let them create their very own rocket!

Students had a "blast" creating Straw Rockets! 

Straw Rockets Craft

Students proudly showing off their straw rockets
Once students were finished creating their straw rockets, it was time to see if they would fly... 

Students launching their straw rockets, it was a success!
It was a success! Each students rocket blasted off. 

I would like to express my gratitude to all of the amazing presenters who came to share their careers with our class and school this year! Thanks to them, my students had a great time learning about different interesting and important careers in our community. 

Until next year!

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