Well, its that time of year again...back to school time!!! Although I enjoyed every bit of summer, I am energized to be back and more excited than ever about my classroom! This year, our gifted program decided to study OUTER SPACE and WEATHER for our year long-theme! I am so excited that we picked this theme, which I think is a perfect transition, since last year we focused on the wonders WITHIN our world. I can't wait to delve into the theme and explore all of the wonders OUTSIDE of our world with the kids. 

Here's a peek at my 2014-2015 intergalactic classroom.
 (Confession: I would have loved to have space decorations exploding from each corner. However, being that I am the reading and language arts teacher, I left the explosion of space posters and goodies for my partner teacher and I took a more literary approach to the space decoration theme. I hope you like what I created!)

Here is the view of my classroom from the front door:

Here is the view of my class from the window:

As the students enter, they are greeted by the "Blasting Off into 2nd Grade" bulletin,

Continuing on this wall is my board, which this year showcases a BRAND NEW Promethean board! I am so thankful to have received an interactive board this year. I can only imagine all the exciting ways I will be able to use it to make learning more engaging for my students.

Above the board are a number of wonderful posters created by my very creative colleague Melissa Yglesias a.k.a. More Time 2 Teach. Check out the following links to get a closer look at these fabulous resources:  "Accountable Talk" posters (seen on the left)  found {HERE},  "RACE" poster FREEBIE, found {HERE}, and "Citing Text Evidence" FREEBIE poster, found {HERE}, (seen on the right).
 We were very lucky this year that our administration was generous enough to blow up each of these resources as posters for the WHOLE school.

Next to the board is my "Stellar" Writing Center, which showcases these adorable writing posters created by Lyndsey Kuster. I love how inviting and student friendly these posters are. I think they're going to make learning the writing traits a lot easier for the kids this year. These posters are part of Lyndsey's "Writer's Workshop" bundle found {HERE} and "Be a Writing Expert" bundle found {HERE}.

Moving along is one of the most complimented parts of my room this year, my wrap-around "Out of This World!" bulletin board. This board is intended to display stellar student work. Being that our numbers have increased this year, and the fact that I never had enough space on last year's bulletin to house all of my students' work, I was inspired to create this jumbo display area.

As you can see, below the bulletin I have a tiny "cozy" little reading nook and a listening center. I was so excited when I found these reading aliens while back-to-school shopping at my local educational store! I think they make the perfect reading buddies for my kiddos. I purchased the carpet and arm pillows from the always reliable Target. 

Next up, is my word wall ... Last year, I made sure to leave the word wall letters on the fabric and simply folded it up neatly to avoid myself from going through the stresses of trying to space the letters out evenly again this year. Genius, right?

Check out my DIY clipboards displayed in between my computer and library center! I am so proud of how they came out. (Soon, I will be posting about this crafting experience and my first time experience with the ever infamous Mod Podge.)

Next, is my library center. Take a look at these bright and colorful neon genre posters
I purchased from Ginger Snaps, which can be found {HERE}! I love how lively and inviting they are. I also can't get over how cute these reading aliens are! Confession: I have a thing for teeth, and these little sharp teeth just make me smile.

Just around the corner is my "Mission A.R." board. This year, my partner teacher inspired me to try a new idea to motivate my students for A.R. We are going to do a "Space Race" to 100%! The best thing is, that not only will students be competing by tables against the students in their own class, but competing against the students in my partner's class.


To make the board more personal for each student, I gave them their very own A.R. rocket to decorate during the first week of school (students wrote their class number in the rocket's window to help differentiate each rocket). I got these super cute rockets, along with some adorable astronaut and space clipart, from Ivee's Designs' "Fun Space Bundle" which you can find {HERE}.

To the left is my "Control Center" which includes "Our Classroom Promise" posters and our space themed behavior chart made by moi. Check them out {HERE}.

Take a look at this new incentive my partner and I are implementing for hallway behavior this year that matches our theme perfectly. I picked up this cute "Secret Star" FREEBIE from A Cupcake for the Teacher. To learn more about this behavior incentive, check out her post about it {HERE}

Lastly, here is another new management tool my partner and I decided to try out in our classrooms (which I feel has worked great). "Pinspired", we created this attendance chart to make our hectic mornings just a tad easier.

Since my chart is on my magnetic front door, the kids simply move their number over to the present side as they walk into class each morning. By the time I'm ready to take attendance, I have a clear picture of who's present and absent! Gotta love things that simplify our lives. :) 

Thank you for taking the time to check out my classroom! 
Please feel free to leave comments or feedback. I would love to hear your thoughts.

2013-2014 Classroom

Welcome aboard 'Disk'overy Airlines flight #147, destination: learning. Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride... This school year I was asked to be part of the school's gifted educational staff. As their former paraprofessional, I was ecstatic to rejoin their team as an educator. One of the many things I love about my school's gifted program is that each year it is centered around a year-long theme. I could hardly contain my excitement when I learned that the 2013-2014 school year theme would be the Wonders of the World. Being that I am a travel fanatic, I was thrilled when I discovered that I would have the opportunity to share my love of foreign cultures, languages, architecture, and, last but not least, food, with my students! As soon as I learned of our theme, I began to research and pin decorating, project, and teaching ideas like a madwoman. Naturally, my team teacher and I agreed upon decorating our classrooms with a travel motif that would carry us throughout our worldwide year-long journey. I hope you enjoy what I created.  

Here is the front of my classroom where you will find a "Wonders of the World" alphabet my colleague and I created, my vocabulary and "Idiom of the Week" pocket charts, hand signals and voice levels signs that can be found {HERE} from A Cupcake for the Teacher, and a set of postcards from around the world that I purchased from my local educational store, Get Smart

Here is a close-up of my classroom jobs. Since I have a very cozy room this year, I didn't want to take up the little bulletin board space I have to display the jobs. Therefore, I opted to place them on the side of my filing cabinet with the help of some dot magnets. 

Next to the board, is my writing corner. Beneath the TV, I have my editing marks mini-poster you can download for free {HERE}, a punctuation poster, sharpened and un-sharpened pencil buckets, a little trash can to keep the corner tidy, stackable drawers to hold my weekly copies, and several Good Writing Traits posters off to the left side. Since the beginning of the year, I have added stacking trays with different paper (lined, blank, and construction) for students' use when engaging in the writing process.     

Moving counter clock-wise, you will find my storage and reading genre corner and a bulletin board made to display impressive student work. I absolutely love these genre posters created by Beth Newingham. The best thing about them is that you can download them for FREE {HERE}. 

Next up, my "World of Words" word wall. (Confession: my OCD got the better of me as I was arranging the word wall letter cards on this teacher-made bulletin. I must have climbed up and down the table more than 40 times to evenly space the width and height between the letters. I'm sure many of you can relate to my psychosis for absolute perfection.)  My colleague and I were "Pin"spired and made the bulletin board heading using her Cricut machine. We cut the letters out of card stock and the circles from the pages of an old Atlas my grandmother had stored in her house. You can find the word wall letter cards {HERE} from A Cupcake for the Teacher. Below the word wall is my computer station. Since the beginning of the year, I have been lucky enough to acquire one more desktop.

To the left, is my favorite part of the room, the classroom library. During my summer Pinterest craze, I discovered fabric maps and fell in love. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who listens when I talk and surprised me on my birthday with this map, two others, and a set of books I had been meaning to buy from Amazon. You can find this World fabric map {HERE} for an amazing price. Feeling crafty, I bordered the map with burlap that I cut, folded, and hot glued. In case you didn't notice, my goal was to make the shelves look like large suitcases. :) I found the mini suitcases on the top shelf at T.J. Maxx HomeGoods.

Moving along to the left, you can find my desk looking clutter-free. Unfortunately, that won't last for long! :) The banner above was inspired by a DIY Pinterest craft. It was one of the many items my colleague and I made during our Cricut summer party. We made it using the same materials as the heading for the word wall (cardstock and old Atlas pages). To the right, is my "Passport to Reading" A.R. Goals board and to the left is my classroom management clip chart.    

Here is a closer look at the clip chart I made with the help of my mom who knows her way around a paint program. Check out her cute clipart {HERE}at Ivee's Designs! The "Cabin Rules" (classroom rules) were later posted on the notebook paper poster.

(FYI: Students begin their day fresh on "Ready for Takeoff" and have the opportunity to move their pin up or down based on their behavior. Students who end the day on "Ready for Takeoff" or "Taking Flight" earn one stamp on their "Passport to Good Behavior" log. Students who end the day on "First Class Traveler" receive two stamps on their log. When students reach 5 stamps they can collect a candy, 15 stamps earns them a trip to the medium sized treasure box with pencils, erasers, stickers and more, and finally, 30 stamps earns them a trip to the big treasure box with small toys and other trinkets. Since my team teacher and I are departmentalized in separate rooms, we have our students move their pins to the spot they were on when they left their homeroom in order to have a true measure of their behavior based on the WHOLE day.) 
Here is my "Passport to Reading" Accelerated Reader (A.R.) bulletin. After this picture was taken, I added a 25%, 50%, and 100% circle cutout above each stamp. Each student has their own passport (seen on right hand corner) and moves his/her passport above the corresponding percentage once they have achieved their goal.  

Finally, in keeping with our theme, my colleague and I designed our student name tags to look like luggage tags.

Below are wider views of the classroom set up:
This is the view from the window...

View from the door...

View towards the back...

I hope you have enjoyed peeking into my classroom. Thank you for stopping by! :) 


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  2. adorable! i would love to find the space themed behavior chart but i don't see a working link

    1. Hi Katie! I'm so happy you like my Space Themed Behavior Chart. Here is the link to find it on my TPT store:

      Hope you have a great year! :)


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